Boogie Woogie Gypsy Jazz and Blues

By Prince George Folkfest Society (other events)

Wednesday, January 31 2018 7:30 PM 11:00 PM

Gypsy Jazz and Blues with Blue Moon Marquee combined with honky tonk piano virtuosity from A.J. Croce will leave your toes tapping and your heart full!

Blue Moon Marquee

Blue Moon Marquee is a Gypsy Blues band born of the wild rose foothills of Alberta. They currently make their home in an island shack on the coast of the Salish Sea ,British Columbia. A.W. Cardinal (vocals/guitar) and Jasmine Colette a.k.a. Badlands Jass (vocals/bass/drums) write and perform original compositions influenced by anything that swings, jumps or grooves. Artists such as Lonnie Johnson, Louis Armstrong, Blind Willie Jonson, Charley Patton, Howlin' Wolf, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Tom Waits, Memphis Minnie, and Django Reinhardt are deeply infused in the soul of their music. Blue Moon Marquee is primarily a live duo with the energy and sound of a full band. Colette, the rhythm section, not only commands the upright bass but also brings the swing with her feet on the kick drum, snare and high hat, all while singing harmonies. Cardinal is of the screaming and hollering blues ilk with distinctive thick and smoky vocals that barrel out like a raging bull. His guitar crackles with the swinging energy of jazz tinged blues.

A.J. Croce

Adrian James Croce is a piano man first and foremost, and a vocal stylist second. His muted growl pulls from a host of American traditions and anti-heroes — it’s part New Orleans, part juke joint, part soul, but somehow evokes New York, a continuum where John Lurie meets Lou Reed. He is a superb songwriter, driven by a personal muse, informed by a life on a boomerang of tragedy. His gritty and accomplished ninth studio album, produced by legendary soul singer-songwriter and producer Dan Penn, is the latest and arguably greatest effort yet. According to Willie Nelson, “A.J. Croce has wisdom beyond his years. With his music, he represents his generation with a profound sense of honesty in his lyrics and quality in his delivery. The future of entertainment is safe in his hands!”


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